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Postby dayrinni » Wed Jul 11, 2018 11:20 pm

-Feed now does 10% of MAX hp to the target when used, and also does more static damage, as well as it's damage scaling from character and from training has increased.
-Dragon Rage only targets engaged NPCs when it triggers, for damage.
-Dragon Rage also lowers reuse time of abilities by 10%.
-Dragon Rage's damage has been greatly increased.
-Feral Presence now adds lots of extra defense to the Dragon when it is used (+3 at level 1 training and +6 at max level).
-Tear lowers more risk than before.
-Disguise should now be trainable.
-Disguise now properly saves the last name and sets it correctly.
-Dragon's get better scaling for attack rating.
-Feral Presence now also applies a small Attack buff to the Dragon.
-The help files which display more than 2 affects for a self affect on an ability help file, while looking at help files for abilities, will display each on the line, with its own text, for its own - on the help file. This happens when you view a help file for an ability.
* indicates a change requires an upload+copyover.

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