Power Leveling and Cleric Bots - The End of an Era

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Power Leveling and Cleric Bots - The End of an Era

Postby dayrinni » Tue Apr 03, 2018 6:07 pm


This is a friendly notification that power leveling(see below) and using AFK Cleric Bots has come to an end.

We're reaching the point where we are going to be starting some RP and wrapping up things in the game, so these things no longer are appropriate.

Thanks and we appreciate all your dedication and hard work in testing the game!

(In the future, I'll be putting in code to reduce exp to 0 if the level difference between players is too great.)

*this includes giving gold, items and other stuff to characters without a valid RP reason
**and no CCing goods between your own characters
* indicates a change requires an upload+copyover.

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