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Postby dayrinni » Fri Jul 20, 2018 11:07 pm

-Added Nature's Reclamation skill to Cryinale.*
-Added Mediation skill to Cryinale.*
-Added Graceful Feet skill to Cryinale.*
-Added Leadership skill to Humans.*
-Added Adaptation skill to Humans.*
-Added Lost Virtue skill to Humans.*
-Added Staunch Wounds skill to Dwarves.*
-Changed Raging Chop to be a skill for Dwarves instead of a RP skill for "chopping down evil trees".*
-Added Precious Minerals skill to Dwarves.*
-Added Adaptation skill to Disorains.*
-Added Graceful Feet skill to Disorains.*
-Disorains are now OP.*
-Fade now has 5 levels. The reuse has been changed from 30s to 60s. At max level, the reuse is reduced to 30s.
-Help Files.
-A few manual updates for these new skills.
-Hypothermia's delay is now 2 seconds instead of 3. Also, the reuse reduction brings the skill down to 60s instead of 100s.
-Gripping Ice is now a toggable ability.
-Gripping Ice now has a chance to stun the target on every attack.
-Gripping Ice now has a chance to restore an ice charge on every attack.
-Cold Stricken Soul is better: reuse is greatly reduced(1,800s to 480s. Reduced to 240s at max training), and the duration lasts longer. The Damage Mitigation, HP and CON buffs are more potent.
-Frozen Capsule now has a chance to do a DEEP freeze.
-Frozen Capsule now increases ice damage on the target.
-Help Files.
* indicates a change requires an upload+copyover.

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